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The Power of Patience

Often times when we set a long-term goal, the waiting is the hardest part. Never mind the fact that most things in our society today are pushed and marketed as “fix-it-now” solutions. You are going to get old one way or the other, but you can fix wrinkles with this cream right now! Why wait? Buy the car of your dreams! You don’t even need money right now!

Phooey, I say.

I can understand the pull, the temptation, and more than anything the discouraging feeling from taking a look at your situation and saying “ugh, this is going to take FOREVER.” That feeling alone is why most diets don’t work. You work hard, eat right, and then weeks later you’re down maybe 6-8 pounds. It’s progress, sure, but it’s achingly slow. You start to lose that vision of you walking on a beach without being self-conscious or the boost of confidence you just know you’ll have from being fit. These things fall away, and at that moment, you fall back into old habits, and you head over to Mcdonald’s.

Finance and financial goals are no different. Sure you want to dig your way out of debt, but your debt is just so big and such a burden. You scrape, scrimp, and save and make extra payments for months on end, only to see your balance eek toward $0. If you don’t focus, if you lose sight of your goals, spending money becomes more appealing. Why bother trying to fight out of it, you wager, when you can enjoy yourself now, right now, without having to worry about the future?

If you want to succeed at anything you must learn the potential power of patience. Accomplishing your goals cannot and will not happen overnight, but that is no reason to give up on them. Relish the journey, have fun on the way, and when you finally reach end-game, when victory is within your grasp, just think about how great it will feel.

Focus, plan, be patient, and nothing will stop you.


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