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Money Project Update: Survey Income Reaches 50$!

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Great news! I recently requested my checks from Surveyspot and Your2cents and the total was $58.00. Not exactly a gold mine, but some of the easiest money I’ve earned to date. Technically I suppose this is October income considering it takes 4-6 weeks for Surveyspot to credit your account for a survey, but regardless it’s a definite improvement.

I’ve been mulling over the next money project, and it will likely take a few months to build up yet another online source of income. I’ve considered doing some more arbitrage, as I’ve had success there in the past. However I’d like to build up a stable stream of income, and the hit or miss nature of the work doesn’t seem very appealing in that regard.

What’s next on the horizon is yet to be seen, but one benchmark at a time!


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