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Financial Doom

The proposed $700 billion dollar bailout failed to pass in congress today, and the markets did not take well to Visserligen ar ts utbud mycket stort med over 330 olika spel men det ar inte internets mest spannande . it. As I write this, we”re looking at a about a 500 point drop. […]

Standing on the Financial Brink

writing papers p align=”center”> It may appear that I picked a rather poor time to work for myself. After all, nationally speaking, we”re facing a serious financial crisis. So far everyone goes to their job like usual and by and large no one is paying all that much attention, but I feel like we should […]

Inflation, Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

If there’s one thing most of us don’t need these days, it’s more inflation. Commodities like oil and grains, though they’ve come down recently in July, are still well above what we were paying a year ago. Everything is more expensive these days, and wages are not keeping up. I’m not all doom and gloom, […]

Building a Better Mouse Trap

how to write narrative essay p align=”center”> My oldest brother and I often have brainstorming sessions about our next big idea. From producing bio diesel for tug boats to renting out chairs for weddings, we come up with all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately, he’s still latched to his 9-5 job, and thus his capacity to […]

In the Way of Progress

I’ll admit that I’m a big proponent of green tech, especially so if it is not only economically viable, but profitable. So it was that I came across a recent article at CNN talking about how wind power has increased across the board and how some farmers are cashing in on the prospects. The newfound […]