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Should GM be Booted from the Dow?

With General Motors sinking to one of it’s lowest prices in a few decades, many people are starting to question whether the automaker still belongs in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Considering that GM continues to lose market share to other rivals, it appears less and less relevant, and a comeback is not very close […]

Gallup Examines Credit Card Debt in America

Wow that was a long title.. but anyway it”s true, a recent survey done by Gallup examines the trends of the Average American consumer when it comes to credit card debt. What did they find? Here we go: Gallup Poll Results: 43% of Americans pay in full 17% usually pay full amount 25% usually leave […]

Trading Online

When it comes to handling your investments online, most people have their own ideas of what works for them. Some investors prefer to keep things as simple as possible, setting up automatic withdrawals and having them invested into a diversified allocation of index funds or other investment vehicles. Others, however, prefer to take their investments […]

Avoiding Financial Regret: Start Now!

All too often I speak to friends and colleagues of similar age that don’t have retirement on their radar. Its easy to understand why, I suppose, considering that your average twentysomething has a car loan, student loan, rent, saving for a house, weddings, honeymoons, and engagement rings to pay for. Where then, does retirement fit […]

Brokerage Accounts: What do you use?

I’ve been giving some thought to a new brokerage account, and wanted to get some reader feedback. I’ve been using Sharebuilder for well over a year now and I’ve been very happy with their service. Better still since they were recently acquired by ING, transaction costs have been lowered. I like them most because I’m […]