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Standing on the Financial Brink

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It may appear that I picked a rather poor time to work for myself. After all, nationally speaking, we”re facing a serious financial crisis. So far everyone goes to their job like usual and by and large no one is paying all that much attention, but I feel like we should be. Think about it. The Federal Reserve has pulled out every possible stop so far to stop the credit crisis from causing an all out collapse.

It”s final step has online casinos been a full on government funded bailout at a time when we”re already running grossly overbudget. They believe that the dangers of inflation aren”t enough to counter the fact that many financial institutions can”t get the money they need to continue operating. Investors are nervous, and I am too. The government has committed over a trillion dollars to the cause to bailout troubled financials.

The question is, what happens if that doesn”t work?

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