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Gallup Examines Credit Card Debt in America

Wow that was a long title.. but anyway it”s true, a recent survey done by Gallup examines the trends of the Average American consumer when it comes to credit card debt. What did they find? Here we go: Gallup Poll Results: 43% of Americans pay in full 17% usually pay full amount 25% usually leave […]

Favorite Links: Weekend Edition

As I wrap up my Sunday evening and get ready for bed, I sometimes like to go over and review my favorite blog posts before going to sleep. I think it helps provide me with inspiration and motivation for the following day and, hopefully, drives me to continue on my journey towards financial freedom despite […]

Credit Card Comparison

In the Personal Finance blogosphere, credit cards sure do get a bad rap, and likely for good reason. Some people simply don’t like having credit cards around because they can be a constant danger, a temptation to spend what you don’t have. For others they are a boon, allowing you to squeeze some extra income […]

Gas Prices and Your Bottom Line

It’s finally happened. Since gas prices began their seemingly unstoppable climb due to a combination of widespread speculation and rising global demand, I’ve always wondered when exactly we (we being US citizens) would finally take the hint, shape up, and change our consumption of gasoline. Sure everyone complains about how much it hurts to fill […]

When Debt Can Serve You

If you’ve ever read TFC on a regular basis, it’s likely you already know what my stance on debt is, and it can be summed up in one word: hatred. It’s true I hate debt, despise borrowing, and abhor interest, and that isn’t going to change, for me anyway. But while it sounds well and […]