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My Traveling Lifestyle Experimentation

Greetings from the great state of Indiana. Or, as I like to call it, corntopia. Perhaps land of endless corn or the great corn state would be a more appropriate motto for the place. Seriously, its flat. After a reluctant journey with my older brother across half the country to get his things from his […]

Debt Removal: Multiple Options

When it comes to tackling debt, everyone tends to find their own system that works for them. For some, a “debt snowball,” or knocking out smaller balances first before moving on to larger obligations, works wonders. For others, taking care of whatever obligation charges the most in interest makes more sense. Still others seek assistance […]

In the Way of Progress

I’ll admit that I’m a big proponent of green tech, especially so if it is not only economically viable, but profitable. So it was that I came across a recent article at CNN talking about how wind power has increased across the board and how some farmers are cashing in on the prospects. The newfound […]

Credit Card Offers: A Review

As always, I think its important to research and utilize a wide variety of resources at your disposal for your own gain or security, and credit cards fall into that category as well. So, occasionally, I like to look over a credit card offer site that promises to give you a good summary of what”s […]

Payday Loan Use on the Rise

With the skyrocketing cost of basic commodities like fuel and food, the squeeze on the average consumer has given way to a rise in payday loans as a source of emergency funding, according to a recent survey by a price comparison site, Moneysupermarket. This isn’t entirely surprising, given that there are a number of people […]