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Fitocracy, and Making Fitness Fun

All too often, we find fitness coinciding right along side finance in terms of importance. Health is wealth, so they say, and examples of this are all around you. Not taking care of your body physically often results in expensive and sometimes catastrophic consequences down the line, and so you’ll often read about Personal Finance bloggers embarking on a quest to make themselves more fit and, in the process, save money along the way.

In that vein, I recently stumbled across a fitness site still in beta stages called Fitocracy. The concept is pretty straightforward: You group up with your friends and record your fitness achievements. There are also a slew of achievements, quests, and levels that create a system you’re probably already familiar with if you’ve played popular MMOs like World of Warcraft or RPGs like Final Fantasy. Presently I signed up along with my oldest brother, and keeping an eye on eachothers fitness activities is actually a powerful motivator. Certainly rivalry could be at play, but being able to track your progress and be constantly rewarded makes the usual drudgery of exercise well..interesting!

Just remember that your achievements and progress are based on the honor system, so don’t cheat.

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