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Posts from ‘September, 2008’

Surprise! Credit Cards Increase Spending

I just came across an interesting post over at Get Rich Slowly. I’ve always been sure that credit cards have led us to increase our spending, as they give us access to a capital base we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. While it may seem fairly obvious, the post is worth a read and goes […]

Desperate Measures: Personal Loans

In unprecedented economic hardship, many consumers are turning to short term personal loans to finance necessities or car loans to get the financing they need. Some can even get a  bad credit car loan at a time where lending for those with bad credit is hard to come by. It’s important to understand the dangers […]

Standing on the Financial Brink

writing papers p align=”center”> It may appear that I picked a rather poor time to work for myself. After all, nationally speaking, we”re facing a serious financial crisis. So far everyone goes to their job like usual and by and large no one is paying all that much attention, but I feel like we should […]

Can I get a Car Loan?

If you know me very well, you probably know that I’m really not a big fan of debt. I’ve been watching the house of cards Wall Street put up come tumbling down, sending everyone into a panic and wondering where the bottom of this drop is. I don’t know either, but I do know the […]

So Far I have 2 Jobs..3 To Go!

So here I am, on my own, working for myself, and I seem to be a rather emotional roller coaster. Sometimes I head outside into the sunshine, pop open my laptop, and chuckle inwardly as I watch my former self rushing off to work with bloodshot eyes and no breakfast. I certainly don’t miss those […]