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Alternate Income Stepping Stones

Just an update here on my joint venture with my oldest brother who recently hopped on the alternate income express. Lucky for me he has a bit of an artistic flare (I don’t) and has solid coding skills when it comes to developing websites. We also get along fairly well, too, and so the match up has thus far been very profitable.

This leads me to my next point when building sources of alternate income: get a partner! Write down your strengths and how they could be used to make some money on the side, then assess your weaknesses and see if you know anyone that could help fill the gaps in your talent pool. I do well with marketing and bringing in traffic, I can also research topics in a fairly in-depth manner and gather the content for our niches while my brother builds and designs the site from the ground up.

You should of course be cautious before going into business with just anyone. Because you’ll be agreeing to share a portion of the revenues generated by your projects, you’re either going to have to keep meticulous records or have a strong relationship of trust. Money can and does change things with some people, so be sure to know exactly what you’re getting into before crossing the divide.

 On the niche site front we had our best weekend yet ever. We made 5$ over the course of 2 days, which brings ever closer to our goal of 10$ a day in revenue from our sites. Pretty surprising given the extremely low maintenance many of these sites take. Proper marketing and continual targeting of diamond in the rough keywords should hopefully flesh out our portfolio some more.

I’ve been perusing into other methods of income as well, and my brother came across a very interesting find: beekeeping. He lives in the city, but in one of the many garden areas there is a number of bee hives that are cared for and harvested for honey by the garden residents. He had an absolute blast putting on a suit and dissecting a hive on the grounds (he only got stung once by a particularly determined bee who got him after he took his gear off!) I’ll let you know how this pans out as he continues to develop this hobby!

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