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Post-Christmas Finance!

Hello everyone! As you can see it has been a few days since I did in fact take some downtime for the holidays. Hopefully, you enjoyed yours and didn”t get your head too deep underwater when it came to buying gifts. Mine was phenomenal, just a great time with my family and girlfriend, and I”m a little sad that I didn”t have more time off from work to enjoy it. At any rate, you”re not here for my lifestory, right? Let”s forge ahead.

Since the New Year is just around the corner, let”s take a glimpse into what I have in store for the blog in the upcoming year. I”m happy to report that the blog is now self-sufficient, so for all you ad-clickers out there, thank you! I hardly expect to make any money from the blog, but I hope that you do get some value out of it and hopefully it will continue to pay for itself in the future.

New features? First on the list is book reviews upcoming. I”ve finished reading 1 of 3 books that I plan to review and you should be seeing them within the next few weeks in (I hope) great detail. I”ll keep the titles under wraps, but a nice tidbit is that one of the books is from CNBC”S Jim Cramer, who I am a mild supporter of. If you guys are interested I”ll be keeping you up to date on my alternate streams of income as well.

For all of you who have sent me feedback via e-mail, thank you! I really like having the support and knowing that there are in fact people out there reading (My stats tell me that too but…best to know for sure!).

If you are off until New Year”s….enjoy the holidays!


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