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Posts from ‘November, 2007’

Winding Down Friday: Entertainment on the Cheap

I’m always interested in finding fun and inexpensive ways to entertain myself on the weekends. Sometimes I’ll invite everyone over for some Killer Bunnies and Mario Party on the Wii (if you haven’t played it, you’re missing out, it’s a blast!), which results in a night of hilarity and cheap fun. I also like to […]

Today is Windfall Day: My Plan

I’m sure everyone hates to hear about how money just shows up for people sometimes, considering that most people have the opposite problem (myself included!). That being said I can’t help but write about it, because even if you don’t have a rich uncle or secret fortune lying around somewhere, you will still come across […]

New Goals, New Progress, and a Brief Look Back

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been fascinated by making money. This isn’t to say I was obsessed with working 80 hour weeks at a high-paying job, but rather the ways to make money that people had never thought of. This included arbitrage of all sorts, examining various ways that companies marketed products, or […]

Investment Tuesday: Why Dividends?

adobe illustrator cs5 p align=”center”> I’ve gotten some feedback lately about why I’m so focused and passionate about dividend paying stocks. Many people my age (and I admit falling prey to his mentality) don’t have the one thing that is so vital to being a successful investor: patience. Frank, they tell me, I know I […]

Money Project Update: Survey Income Reaches 50$!

purchase adobe dreamweaver cs5 cheap p align=”center”>  Great news! I recently requested my checks from Surveyspot and Your2cents and the total was $58.00. Not exactly a gold mine, but some of the easiest money I’ve earned to date. Technically I suppose this is October income considering it takes 4-6 weeks for Surveyspot to credit your […]