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Posts from ‘December, 2007’

Build Your Finances Brick by Brick

As always I was perusing my favorite personal finance blog (and likely the most popular on the net, from where I’m sitting), and came across a great post about how building your financial portfolio properly is very similar to building a house. This echoed with me quite a bit because I’ve always said that a […]

Post-Christmas Finance!

Hello everyone! As you can see it has been a few days since I did in fact take some downtime for the holidays. Hopefully, you enjoyed yours and didn”t get your head too deep underwater when it came to buying gifts. Mine was phenomenal, just a great time with my family and girlfriend, and I”m […]

Divergent Views on Frugality

When being inherently frugal as I seem to be these days (do not get me started on buying the parts for my computer, talk about a mix of dread and joy), you’ll often run into opposing viewpoints of those that disagree with you for one reason or another. This is where things get a bit […]

My Computer Exploded, Time for Cheap but Powerful

Well, it appears that my computer is finally on it”s last legs. It”s been a great run, since I”ve had it for a number of years (the case has been with me since freshman year of college) but after some random crashes and popping open the case yet again, I think it is finally time […]

Money Project Monday: T-Shirt Affiliate Marketing

  I’m sure you’ve noticed a slight change of format in the Money Project Monday posts. The reasoning for this is pretty simple: Many Money Making ideas and projects can take months/years to establish and complete (some, like websites, are never really complete to begin with!). It also narrows my focus a bit too much […]