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Winding Down Friday: Extreme Early Retirement

So it’s Friday and that means some time to reflect on my days off, what I hope to accomplish, and of course planning for the time that everyday is a weekend! The Kaderlis are fairly well known for their ability to retire at the age of 38, which is considered just shy of impossible by […]

Leaving the Day Job: Are you Ready?

Having read a number of bloggers who have successfully escaped their day job to pursue whatever it is they want to do is something I admire and aspire to. JD at Getrichslowly, for example, has swung over to blogging full time as his only source of income. It takes a lot of courage and grit […]

Money Making Potential: Adsense

It seems I’ve been on a tear with writing recently. Hopefully I’m not overloading you guys, I’ve just been having a total blast exploring things both finance related as well as sources of alternate income. I’ve recently met a goal of making 10$ per day in income this month outside my job through both blogging, […]

The Overarching Need of Balance

As I kicked back on my girlfriend’s comfy chair (she was running a yard sale at her parents for the day, and mine is decidedly less-comfy!) last Saturday afternoon, I took some time to reflect on my situation. On one hand I’ve made some great progress over the past year, but on the other I […]

How we Spend our Money

I was looking into how the average American spends their money, since I”d like to see where all of this credit and debt goes to, and I was somewhat surprised. A recent article at the NY times (here!) has broken it down into a rather colorful graphic. For me, the 42% spent on housing just […]