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Fighting Complacency: When Goals Aren't Enough

When I officially left the 9-5 workforce, I was pretty excited. Scared, mind you, but I felt like i had my bases well covered. Being recently married, one of my biggest concerns, health insurance, was now provided by my wife’s employer (regardless of what side you’re on in the insurance debate, let me just say it is ridiculously expensive to get your own insurance coverage). I had a freelance gig lined up with a small company based out of California, along with a handful of writing projects. All in all I’m not quite up to my old salary, but I’m rapidly closing on that target.

Even with that accomplished, I still have a lot to do. I am still in the process of tracking down an accountant to handle my newfound tax situation. The site portfolio has languished a bit as well, as most of my efforts are geared towards making money in the here and now. I feel like I’m in a little bit of a rut, but not for long.

My brother and I have collaborated on a few projects in the past and present (we currently split our niche sites revenue), but we’re going for something big in the near future. I’ll admit its a long shot, but I feel like I need to get out of the mud and start moving forward again. Falling back into the usual routine is hard to avoid, but it is also part of the reason I left the traditional work force. Here goes nothing!

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