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Combining Income With Fun

When I first left my full time office job, I was slammed with a chaotic mix of joy and fear. On one hand, I had a lot of good things going for me. Since the office was shutting down and being outsourced, we all got a rather generous severance package which could keep me afloat for at least a few months. I had also spent the last three years dreaming of an event that would spring me from the chains of my traditional 9-5 job and set me on the path to self employment. I”m not one to believe in fate, but I thought the office closing provided a unique opportunity for me to build a foundation. On the other hand, I was terrified. I have historically been a rather risk-averse person, and the thought of inconsistent income made me visibly uncomfortable.

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So I compromised.

I picked up a regular gig with a firm based out of San Francisco doing some technical writing for about 20-25 hours a week. That covers the basics like my mortgage, bills, etc. On top of that, I have three sites that I write for on a regular basis. I submit my posts, check is in the mail, and everyone goes home happy. Writing is unquestionably fun, and doing a review of the latest gadgetry on a bad day doesn”t even come close to the agony of waking up Monday morning trying to wish away your commute.¬† Yet as with most things, despite my generally laidback attitude, I”m still working on striving for more. My hydra of income needs to continue to grow, after all, and I want to ensure that my next sources of income will be unquestionably fun. It sounds simple on the surface, of course, considering every motivational blogger worth his or her salt tells us to follow our passion. Yet often times, your passion isn”t going to pay the bills. I really enjoy skiing, for example, but last I checked working as a ski patrol person doesn”t pay very well. Since I have my important financial bases covered, however, that leaves me with plenty of options in terms of how I want to make money going forward.

So far, there”s been a lot of brainstorming. My brother and I have been working together on a lot of collaborative efforts in the past, with a few hitting¬† moderate successes. I would love to have another side business that isn”t really about the money but really about the fun (money is always a nice plus). I”ll be sure to put up an update once we get closer to launching a new project, as right now my ideas look more akin to a dartboard, but just having the possibility to fuse together fun and work even farther than what i have setup so far sounds very promising.

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