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Slimming Down: Cutting Monthly Bills

If there is one trap that seems oh-so-easy to fall into financially, it is the monthly subscription service. Such services like cable, phone, internet, etc. all automatically deduct from your account each month, poking invisible holes in your monthly income and causing leaks that go unnoticed. I recently did a review of services I shell out each month for, and came up with some alternative solutions.



While I don’t have the most tricked-out DVR plan available, I do have one premium channel and HD service. Combined with internet service, this clocks in at around $100 per month. Ouch. I’d like to have that $1,200 a year back, but unfortunately I still need Internet service. I wouldn’t call myself an avid TV user, but there are shows out there I watch on a regular basis (Looking at you, NCIS). As an alternative, I may cut down my cable service to the absolute minimum, saving me around $50.00 a month. To replace it, I may pick up Hulu Plus, which offers TV shows streamed from their site for around $8.00 per month.

Savings: $42ish/month


When I subscribed to Gamefly a few months ago, I was convinced that it would be a better alternative to buying the actual game. This is due to the fact that for most single player games, I play through the story and then throw the game away, never to be seen again (except in my attic). Unfortunately, I’m easily addicted to multiplayer games. This is especially true for free to play competitive games like League of Legends and Battlefield Heroes. I wasn’t getting my money’s worth, so it had to go.

Savings: $15.99/month


Still struggling with this one. I often tether my smart phone on trips to do work on my laptop. Unfortunately, this means I need a smartphone with that capability, which costs $30.00 per month for the privelege. I’m going to call up Verizon and see what I can negotiate.

Savings: ?

What about you, readers? If you’re going to trim the monthly cost fat, where do you tend to start? Have any of you tried Hulu Plus?

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