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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Microbusiness Update: Onward and Upward

While I generally try to avoid the use of overhyped buzzwords, I always thought the term microbusiness had a nice ring to it. I have also always scoffed a little in my head when I read about small businesses with “only” 200 employees on Forbes or CNN Money. Aren’t there a lot of one or […]

Financing Your Life: Trials and Tribulations

fat loss program for men p>Even after achieving what some might call “the dream,” which for me was working for myself wherever I like and when I want, I still seem to find plenty of room for improvement. I want to expand, grow, move, accomplish. This feeling of being driven and ambitious is somethingĀ  I […]

Experiments in Savings: The Travel Cartel

For a long time now, I have dreamed of traveling the world. At first, I thought that once I was self employed I’d be able to go country hopping like some of my favorite bloggers. Yet I find that, unlike my more nomadic counterparts, I wanted a base of operations before setting out and globetrotting. […]