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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

Balancing the Present and Future: Handling Money For Now and Later

Text Your Ex Back Ebook Free p>I take much of my everyday inspiration from other popular blogs that I read everyday. Some are about finance, others about retirement, and still others are simply about life and living the life you want. One such blogger, JD from Get Rich Slowly, talked about how money fits into […]

Wealth and You: It’s All Relative

One of the funny things about personal finance is that your constantly gauging your current financial circumstances and looking for improvement. Often times when you break down just how long it will take to repay a loan or the number of years before your mortgage is paid off, you get a little down on yourself. […]

Building an Income Hydra: A Guide to Income Diversification

Often times I find myself in a brainstorming session with my older brother. We typically discuss whatever happens to be on our mind at the time, such as politics, the ramifications of the oil rig explosion near Louisiana, and of course our future plans for entrepreneurship. Business ideas are tossed around, examined, and discarded. Some […]