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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

Upcoming Housesitting Interview: Questions to Ask?

After reading the most recent issue of the Caretaker Gazetter and finding the idea rather fascinating, I applied for a nearby historical building (ie. mansion) which is owned by the local municpality looking for a caretaker to keep the place neat and tidy for tours as well as be available to setup and breakdown chairs […]

$18,000 a Year And Some Missing Pieces

I recently read over an article chronicling a number of individuals who in order to pursue their passions and it got me thinking. On one hand, I admire these people. Hopping off consumerism merry-go-round (I”ve tired of the hamster wheel analogy) and living life they way you choose can and should be commended. On the […]

Paralysis by Analysis: How to Avoid It

Now that I’m out on my own, I usually have at least a few hours a day to brainstorm on what I’d like to accomplish in the near future. After putting my hours in at my part time job and wrapping up my writing gigs for the day, I’m often left with one thought: What […]

Beware the Dangers of Microtransactions

how to cure sleep apnea p>Naturally in a world where just about everything is at your fingertips, there are dangers involving how you spend your money. Recently released devices and software platforms, however, have introduced a wrinkle into this problem: microtransactions. Iphones, iPod touches, Kindles, Nooks, Steam (a gaming platform for the PC) all give […]

My Experiment in Alternative Housing: Housesitting

I recently subscribed to a year’s worth of issues from the Caretaker Gazette, after reading many positive reviews from some of my favorite bloggers. The cost for an annual subscription is modest (particularly so if you opt for electronic format only as I did) and I was pleasantly surprised after reading my first issue. While […]