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Adsense Earnings: September

Well, as I stated earlier my goal is to build Adsense revenue up to a whopping $400.00 per month, which would lock it in as one of my (hopefully) sources of income. I’ve been hard at work building links, contacting site owners in various niches that I’m also a part of, and working on new sites where I think information on a particular topic is lacking. Our strategy, thus far, appears to have paid off.

For the month of September Adsense clocked in at $129.79. Still far short of my lofty $400, but excellent progress nonetheless. I was encouraged by seeing boosts across the board from some of our newer sites, and I sincerely hope that trend continues.

I’ve also been looking to build out more affiliate-generating content into sites that are currently generating traffic. Whether my efforts will be successful will take some time to derive, but I certainly hope to see some additional revenue in that area in the future.

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