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Ok, so, if you’re one of my many (hahaha) readers that actually keeps up with what I do and why I do it, I’ve been self employed for awhile now. It’s been a bit of a struggle, but I’ve been earning enough money to keep myself afloat in preparation of some time on the open road. With that in mind the work I’ve picked up has been completely portable, and most of my earnings have been made through freelance writing. I’ve picked up my best gigs from Problogger, but I’ve also had some success over at the digital point forums as well.

However, I’m not entirely comfortable making my earnings from one source or skillset (technically many, but you know what I mean), so I’ve put together some earnings goals and sources of income that I think are reasonable and attainable. I’ll break them down for you below, and talk a little bit about how I plan to get there.

Goal in Total Earnings: $120 per day, 5 Days a week (I never said I wanted to be rich, eh?)

Earnings Sources:

  • Freelance Writing $60.00
  • My Personal Blogs: $20.00
  • Adsense (Niche Sites): $20.00
  • Link Sales(Niche Sites): $5.00
  • Kontera, Affiliate Sales, Etc: $15.00

Now, in terms of freelance writing I’m good to go. In fact I currently make more than that in your average day. Ditto goes for my personal blogs, which pull in solid revenue these days. Where I really have my work cut out for me is in the realm of Adsense and beyond.

Currently, my niche portfolio generates about $5.00 per day in Adsense earnings. From what I understand that’s moderately successful, but certainly nowhere near the pros like say, Shoemoney. That’s fine, I don’t need to be one of the big players working 12 hour days and making appearances at the latest ultrablogging expo, I’m just looking to comfortably make a living. With that in mind I’ve put extra efforts into getting our current set of sites ranked (many have hit the top for their keyword, but a few are stragglers still!) and drag that Adsense money up to where it needs to be. Unfortunately with all things SEO this process takes time and it’s not exactly an exact science, but if I can make $5.00 per day there’s no reason I can’t bring that up to $20.00, recession or not.

So, that leaves some more monetizing to do as well in other areas. Link sales currently amount to about $30.00 per month, and I’ll be working to bring that up to snuff as well, even if it’s a relatively small amount of my overall income.

Finally, that leaves affiliates and other sources. I’ve toyed with adding in Kontera, but I’m really excited to start up some affiliate based sites. I’ve done my keyword research, picked up some lucrative domains, and I’m ready to get out there, do some optimizing, and make some money. Wish me luck!

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