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Additional Business Ideas

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Over the weekend my brother and I discussed some additional business ideas that we could get into on a part time basis. Ideally I’d prefer something seasonal (unlike a bar or restaurant, though if you’re looking to fund such a venture, I would check out restaurant equipment and supply information here. A lot of good information is available there along with funding options for those with not-so-good credit) or at least something I can do on and off easily once I hit the road to travel.

One idea we had was a chair rental service. For events like weddings, parties, etc. people often rent out a large number of folding chairs and the like. Unfortunately this would take some significant investment. We’d need all the chairs, a van to transport them, and we may have to get into other areas to stay competitive (most services offer chairs, tents, and other needs).

So ultimately that idea fell flat, but its important to keep your eyes open for opportunity. In the interim we’ve been continuing to build our niche site portfolio, with 2 sites that have broken out of our traditional content. I’ve also landed more freelance writing work, and at this rate I may not even have to seek a part time job to make ends meet (well I’m making ends meet now, but not at the comfort level I want to be at income wise).

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