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Today I Learned Why Emergency Funds are Important

And why to take good care of your teeth.

I should have known better with the knowledge that I come from a genetic background that has enamel on the weaker side. My older brother and father have both had fairly extenstive problems with their teeth, but I had last my job at the time and without dental insurance I figured I could put off a few cavities. Unfortunately now going back to the dentist one such cavity now requires a root canal. Not fun right? Certainly not, but the situation could be much worse.

First, I’m glad to have the peace of mind that I’m getting my teeth taken care of, and I have already taken some extra steps to help prevent (or at least slow down) the occurrence in the future like a Consumer Reports recommended, a waterpik, and glider floss (I have a retainer on my bottom front teeth). It’s also nice to know that when an expensive event comes your way, and they undoubtedly will, that your bank account has the fortitude to withstand such expenses. I hate the dentist as much as the next person, but waiting will only make the pricepoint higher. I do have dental insurance (whew) but I’ve also found that dental insurance is great for regular checkups or the occasional filling but woefully inadequate for more costly procedures.

I hope this serves as a good reminder to those of you putting off getting at least a few months of living expenses socked away in a taxable account. Much like my teeth, the pain (both physical, emotional, and financial) will only become more severe with time when you need your emergency fund for support.

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