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Cleaning out the Cobwebs

For those of you (apparently there are some!) who have visited in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that I had all but vanished for the good part of a year. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) my new job required my reactive my Series 7 license. If you’re familiar, you probably know that any outside business activity needs to be reported in those cases. The firm that picked up my license insisted that I not do any of said activity and as a result, I was forced to stop writing anywhere and everywhere for an indefinite period of time.

Which turned out to be early January 2010.

A recent change meant that my license was no longer necessary, and so I am once again allowed to write! Of course this still means that you won’t be seeing anything investment related around here, seeing as the whole experience has led me to err on the side of caution. There’s still plenty of other subject matter to cover though, including rebuilding my passive income empire that currently lies in ruins. You’ll notice that my last post involved our Adsense update.

From what I understand, the Adsense portfolio has continued to blossom and grow in 2009 (It’s no longer under my ownership for reasons stated above, but I turned everything over to my older brother who I partnered with originally). I also plan to once again pick up on writing if possible. While technically I can write about whatever I want, I enjoy where I currently work and would like to stay here (A mutual fund). So baby steps. For those of you still lurking around the blog I’d like you to know that I’m back, and hopefully we can pick up where I last left off.

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