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Putting My Extra Money to Work

So, here I am once again gainfully employed and also having my freelancing on the side (can you tell I’ve been busy?), and I’ve been doing quite a lot of planning as to where to allocate my money. It’s a tough spread. There always seems to be more places to put my capital than I have..well capital. Top priorities on the list are three fold:

1. My last bastion of debt, my student loan

2. A home

3. Investing in alternate income sources/the stock market

Now, currently, 1 and 2 are on the top of my list, with 3 being allocated when possible. I’ve been discussing things with my fiance, and it appears (assuming things don’t get much worse, which they could. Additional emergency funds are being pumped up as well…remember what I said about multiple priorities?) that we could buy a home outright within 5 years. Not a big home, mind you, something small, efficient..ours. With rent out of the way we’d have a lot more to do in the way of options. Yet my debt is constantly haggling me. My distaste for debt in an economic downturn like this one has only grown, so a good part of my extra income will go to that as well. More to come.

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