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Posts from ‘July, 2008’

Taxes Scare Me

As I continue to build up more freelance projects, I worry about the impact of taxes. While in most matters of Finance I’m at the very least intermediate, I’ve never really had a complex enough situation that I had to itemize or anything like that. I just told the IRS “hey, I earned this, you […]

Credit Card Offers: A Review

As always, I think its important to research and utilize a wide variety of resources at your disposal for your own gain or security, and credit cards fall into that category as well. So, occasionally, I like to look over a credit card offer site that promises to give you a good summary of what”s […]

Adventures in Lifestyle Design

So I’ve gotten back from vacation in Emerald Isle, NC, which was a total blast! The down time also allowed me to clear my head and get a more definitive idea of what my next course of action would be. I had been in the running for another full-time position, but didn’t look forward to […]

BillsIQ: Are You Financially Fit?

spy mobile talk p align=”center”> So I recently came across a fun tool called  billsIQ, part of the website. It promises to give you a quick financial checkup based on a fairly brief quiz-like assessment. It’ll ask you about your current financial situation, how well you keep track of your credit, whether you’ve declared […]

Working for Yourself and Perception

I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in my approach to work and productivity since I started working for myself. I’m not sure if this is common amongst entrepreneurs or if I just happen to be in a lackluster job previously, but my view of work has changed quite a bit since leaving my job. Lets take […]