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When Debt Can Serve You

If you’ve ever read TFC on a regular basis, it’s likely you already know what my stance on debt is, and it can be summed up in one word: hatred. It’s true I hate debt, despise borrowing, and abhor interest, and that isn’t going to change, for me anyway. But while it sounds well and […]

Hedging with Gold/Silver

I”ve always been weary at the prospect of investing in precious metals. I understand the reasoning that people do it, especially in times like these where our currency is in the tank (though shown to be stabilizing over the past few days). As a long-term investor I wonder if metals like gold and silver deserve […]

Taking Writing to the Next Level

I often talk about how I think freelance writing is a great source of alternate income for those who enjoy doing it. It lets you express your thoughts, feeling and opinions on a variety of things you care about. Whether it’s through a free service like Helium or your own blog, some people like to […]

Looking at PayPerPost

Monetizing sites has been a recent hobby of mine, and this is especially true given my recent successful forays into various methods of earning online income. In that vein I”ve removed most of the adsense from the site and also many of the “blah” text links that weren”t properly targeted. I do like to have […]

Oil And Gas Investing: Lone Star Securities

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. Given the recent tear that oil prices have been on and the oncoming rush of summer traffic positioning things to get even worse, it seems appropriate that I would be called upon to write a sponsored post about a firm specializing in Oil and Gas investment, Lone Star Securities. […]