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Credit Card Comparison

In the Personal Finance blogosphere, credit cards sure do get a bad rap, and likely for good reason. Some people simply don’t like having credit cards around because they can be a constant danger, a temptation to spend what you don’t have. For others they are a boon, allowing you to squeeze some extra income […]

Credit Cards And Saving Money on Gas

Let”s face it: Gas is expensive, and it”s only going to get worse from here. I know prices will correct at some point and go slightly lower..but for the long term, high fuel costs are here to stay. With this in mind we have to be constantly aware of ways to cut down on the […]

When To (and not to) Buy Used

Like many in the Personal Finance blogosphere, I believe in the power of buying (and selling) things used. Many items simply depreciate faster than they should in terms of price, and this opens up a buying opportunity for you to get something of high quality without having to pay full price. Cars are infamous for […]

Personal Loan Potential

buy microsofit office teacher discount p align=”center”> What’s a personal loan, exactly? Technically, it is “a loan that establishes consumer credit that is granted for personal use; usually unsecured and based on the borrower’s integrity and ability to pay.” But what does this mean for the average consumer? Can it be used for benefit, or […]

For Car Loans and Mortgages, Research First.

When most people think of personal finance, an unsavory bombardment of images comes to mind. Running a budget, being stingy with money, not spending on things you want, etc. I suppose to some degree these are all true, but the level of which you take it varies widely. Plenty of PF bloggers out there splurge […]