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Investment Risks: I Just Picked up BAC

In my discretionary brokerage account, I recently picked up a new holding that is definitely my riskiest play to date. If you’ve ever followed my thinkings on investing and income, I tend to be a “for the long haul” kinda guy. I don’t like making trades, I like making investments, and much of the time […]

Fighting Your Brain to Save Money

It’s interesting to consider the reasons we don’t save. For each person those reasons can be different, but there is an awful lot of crossover on the issue as well. A lot of people know they should save, especially for things like retirement. Common knowledge also dictates that the sooner you start saving the better […]

Retiring at 40.

So this is a little dated, but wow, I do envy this family. Read the article here. I’d always considered the military an option in case other things didn’t pan out. If I happened to not particularly enjoy college, couldn’t find a career path that fit me, and so on, I figured I could always […]

Buy or Rent? What About a Small House?

First, I apologize for the seeming glut of sponsored posts, I try to keep them to only once a week at most, but had to get this last one in this week. I’d really prefer not to dilute the blog too much with advertising. I know that’s not why you’re here. Anyway..on to the topic […]

Millionaire at 11$ an Hour? Possible.

I’m always fascinated to hear stories of people who never made much money but still came out rich. Much of this is due to to the immediate cynicism people have at the prospect. If I even mention becoming a millionaire to someone who makes around the median income for the US, I am shot down […]