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Mobile Lifestyle: Keeping Your Stuff on the Move

If you’ve read some of more of my whimsical posts about how I’d like a more mobile lifestyle and enjoyed it, this may be up your alley as well. I’ve always considered an ideal work situation one where I have a good amount of flexibility. Since I’m not at a point yet where I don’t […]

Winding Down Friday: How Much Credit is Too Much?

  I read a LOT of personal finance books and other investment related articles, news, media, etc. and I’m always somewhat concerned by the line of thinking that debt is ok to have. Books like Rich Dad Poor Dad explain that it’s ok to use leverage to your advantage as long as you’re not in […]

A House in 5 Years?

Housing is just one of those things that seems to top my list every time I  break down my monthly expenses. It costs money to live wherever I happen to be. Now, I should note that I share an apartment with my girlfriend and roomate, so my living expenses are actually pretty low. If you […]

How Far Will you Go?

history essay writing service p align=”center”> Being “financially secure” is just one of those phrases that’s impossible to define because each person has their own version of what being secure means. To some, if they have no debt outside their mortgage, they consider themselves financially secure. After all, a mortgage is about as close as […]

Back in Black!

It appears that my discretionary portfolio has managed to stage a precarious turnaround for the year. This past week it managed to pull out a year to date return of 1.14%. This doesn’t really sound all that great, until you put it up against the market’s return. The S&P500 is currently down 9.46% Year to […]