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The Groupon Experiment: Can You Save Money?

A tired old saying for the frugally minded is that “If you buy something on sale but you don’t need it, you’re still wasting money.” OK, maybe I’m the only one that says that, but the point is that if you’ve been in the Personal Finance game long enough, you’ve come to view marketing attempts […]

Lessons From the Debt Super-Committee Failure

reliable essay writing service p>For the United States, the 800 lb. gorilla in the room has been hanging out for quite some time. For decades now, the country has continued to spend more than it earns, like a consumer maxxing out their credit cards year after year for the sole reason that creditors are willing […]

Why You Need to Be Vigilant With Your Bank Account

If the economic turmoil of recent years is any indication, one thing that certainly seems to ring true is that the old model of banking just isn’t working as well as it used to. Banks across the world have faced huge losses after a number of investments that turned sour, and since that occurrence they […]

Slimming Down: Cutting Monthly Bills

If there is one trap that seems oh-so-easy to fall into financially, it is the monthly subscription service. Such services like cable, phone, internet, etc. all automatically deduct from your account each month, poking invisible holes in your monthly income and causing leaks that go unnoticed. I recently did a review of services I shell […]

Financial Zen: Living In the Here and Now

For as much as I like to pride myself on being an optimist, I also tend to be a bit of a worrier. While I fully understand that there”s now ay to accurately predict what life is going to throw your way, I still try to anticipate the next obstacle that”s going to show up […]