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My Traveling Lifestyle Experimentation

Greetings from the great state of Indiana. Or, as I like to call it, corntopia. Perhaps land of endless corn or the great corn state would be a more appropriate motto for the place. Seriously, its flat. After a reluctant journey with my older brother across half the country to get his things from his […]

Is Simple Living Ready for Mainstream?

writing a descriptive essay p align=”center”> I was downright flabbergasted reading over CNN today and finding one of their top living section stories about a girl living well below her means in Chicago. You can read the whole thing yourself, but it really got me wondering if society is ready to embrace at least some […]

On the Road Again!

buying cigars online p align=”center”> Well its about that time again! After being laid off and subsequently picking up more portable work, I’m available to travel a bit more than I had originally planned. Upcoming is my trip to Eaglesmere, PA, for a week in the mountains with family and friends. After that, I’m going […]

Adventures in Lifestyle Design

So I’ve gotten back from vacation in Emerald Isle, NC, which was a total blast! The down time also allowed me to clear my head and get a more definitive idea of what my next course of action would be. I had been in the running for another full-time position, but didn’t look forward to […]

Working for Yourself and Perception

I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in my approach to work and productivity since I started working for myself. I’m not sure if this is common amongst entrepreneurs or if I just happen to be in a lackluster job previously, but my view of work has changed quite a bit since leaving my job. Lets take […]