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Living Options

There”s one expense in life that you can”t avoid, only minimize, and it is almost always the one thing that you”ll spend most of your disposable income on, housing. I”ve gone back and forth on the issue myself, talking it over with the fiance. Here”s the options we”ve come up with so far: Buy When […]

Learning From The Success of Others

natural cures for herpes p>When it comes to succeeding in anything, an often repeated line that we should learn from the success of others and take the positive aspects that they offer as our own. This isn’t to say that you should mimic someone who is successful, but rather dig down into their success and […]

Thorns in my Self Employed Side

It’s been a..unique experience so far in my meddling with self employment. For one, I’ve been cranking away with pitches and resumes to bring on more freelance work, and while there’s been plenty of rejection, there’s a number of hits as well. I’ve been slowly but surely building up my income to that of my […]

End Game: Retire Early Or Work Happy?

best essay writing service p align=”center”> I recently came across a great post over at Canadian Dream that resonated with me quite a bit. You can read the whole post here, but this was my favorite part: “Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of retirement planning is getting to know yourself specifically your wants and […]

Oh Noes! My Pagerank!

interview essay p align=”center”> I don”t pay much attention to such things, but apparently the last update knocked down my Google Pagerank a peg or two. What could this mean? Well, since I”ve allowed some contextual advertising on the site, that”s a possibility. On the other hand it could have been nothing at all, as […]