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Debt Removal: Multiple Options

When it comes to tackling debt, everyone tends to find their own system that works for them. For some, a “debt snowball,” or knocking out smaller balances first before moving on to larger obligations, works wonders. For others, taking care of whatever obligation charges the most in interest makes more sense. Still others seek assistance […]

Are Car Loans “Good” Debt?

art of the personal essay p>I’m often intrigued by the way people classify their debt obligations. For some, a mortgage is the only thing they’ll allow to be listed under good debts. For others its a much wider array of things, including student loans and yes, sometimes, car loans. The reasoning for this I suppose […]

Identity Theft and Finance: Should you Pay for Protection?

You’ve probably seen the commercial already, with a businessman in a suit touting his social security number for all to see, claiming that his service can protect you from potential identity theft disasters. Needless to say many in the industry are somewhat skeptical of such a service and whether Lifelock can really provide significant (not […]

Credit Card Offers: A Review

As always, I think its important to research and utilize a wide variety of resources at your disposal for your own gain or security, and credit cards fall into that category as well. So, occasionally, I like to look over a credit card offer site that promises to give you a good summary of what”s […]

Continued Adventures in Credit Comparison

As per the usual, I recently checked out another credit card comparison site hoping to entice you to sign up for various offers with the promise of rewards, attractive interest rates, and/or credit cards for people with bad credit looking to build their way to the promised land of good credit, if something like that […]