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Putting My Extra Money to Work

So, here I am once again gainfully employed and also having my freelancing on the side (can you tell I’ve been busy?), and I’ve been doing quite a lot of planning as to where to allocate my money. It’s a tough spread. There always seems to be more places to put my capital than I […]

Learning From The Success of Others

natural cures for herpes p>When it comes to succeeding in anything, an often repeated line that we should learn from the success of others and take the positive aspects that they offer as our own. This isn’t to say that you should mimic someone who is successful, but rather dig down into their success and […]

New Gig Over at Blown Mortgage

Huzzah! I’ve recently been in touch with Morgan from and I’ll be writing some guest posts over on the site for awhile (hopefully long term!). I’m particularly excited because it lets me write about all of the going-ons in the housing market and beyond without having to bore you to death here at TFC. […]

Adsense Earnings: September

Well, as I stated earlier my goal is to build Adsense revenue up to a whopping $400.00 per month, which would lock it in as one of my (hopefully) sources of income. I’ve been hard at work building links, contacting site owners in various niches that I’m also a part of, and working on new […]

My 5 Job Journey: An Update

If you recall in previous posts, I had intended to put something of an experiment into effect. The idea was that rather than do one job repeatedly for years on end that could prove lucrative or put me back to zero in terms of income depending on my employment status, I would put on as […]