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Feast or Famine: Freelance Work Fun!

Thus far, I’ve put off getting another “real” job in lieu of building up portable freelance work. If I can get to the income level I aspire to, its unlikely I’ll go back at all! If after another month or two I haven’t reached my goals, then no problem, its back to the 9-5 grind […]

Additional Business Ideas

best online cigar store p align=”center”> Over the weekend my brother and I discussed some additional business ideas that we could get into on a part time basis. Ideally I’d prefer something seasonal (unlike a bar or restaurant, though if you’re looking to fund such a venture, I would check out restaurant equipment and supply […]

The Distinction Between Your Identity, Career, and Life

I recently came across a very interesting post over at Get Rich Slowly and figured I’d talk a little bit about it. Given my recent transition from a traditional 9-5 to a more unusual part time work and freelance hybrid, I’ve gone through a variety of stages in defining my career and my own identity. […]

Taking the Plunge

¬†Funny how well-laid plans are put to waste sometimes. I had originally intended to utilize my alternate income to pay off my debt even faster and then downshift to an interesting part time job, with the rest of my income made up from freelance writing, our niche site portfolio, and whatever else I felt like […]

Health Insurance When You’re Self Employed

¬†Its a dream of many workers out there to one day be their own boss. Being able to set your own hours, work where and when you want to is a powerful driving force when it comes to self-employment. When running down the list of things you’ll need when you strike out your own, sufficient […]