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Experiments in Savings: The Travel Cartel

For a long time now, I have dreamed of traveling the world. At first, I thought that once I was self employed I’d be able to go country hopping like some of my favorite bloggers. Yet I find that, unlike my more nomadic counterparts, I wanted a base of operations before setting out and globetrotting. My wife also works a more traditional 9-5, so she can’t hop a flight to London tomorrow like I, in theory, could.

So between that and our modest mortgage payment, it appears that we are going to have to do some shorter trips. As you know, however, more frequent flights is a recipe for spending a lot of money. I’m going to have to find ways to save on our travels, and one of those ways is by taking advantage of reward programs. Chris over at the Art of Nonconformity had a great class yesterday about a crash course in obtaining frequent flyer miles without needing to use a credit card (though we do) as well as one time promotions, ways to rack up miles in various airline alliances, and the like. He also has a site dedicated to the cause over at

So I am going to give his site a shot and come back in the next few weeks with a full review. If you are interested in traveling on a budget or just want to get started saving for some trips now, I would definitely recommend Chris’s site as a launchpad. Whether it has staying power and continues to deliver new and relevant information remains to be seen, but I’m excited to get started!

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