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Finding Direction: Early Retirement or Working Happily?

When I first got into Personal Finance, I was convinced that the best way to go was simply save as much as you possibly can, build up a portfolio of income, and retire to wherever seems interesting at the time. As time went on, I realized that in order to do that, chances were that I would have to stay in a job that would not be the most rewarding personally but would provide financially. This isn”t always the case, mind you, but that was my own financial landscape.

As time went on, I realized that I didn”t want to wait 15-20 years to retire at the “young” age of 45. This didn”t mean I was getting away from saving for retirement at all, just that I wanted to do work I found fun everyday while saving rather than just aiming straight for the paycheck. So my priorities changed, and I worked toward building up income from a variety of sources. As such, each day would be different, the variety and fun would be rewarding, and I could retire like a normal person at 65 . If you really enjoy what you do, this isn”t such a daunting prospect.

Note also that I”m really not there yet. There are still a lot of things I want to accomplish even as I check off previous goals like purchasing a home. I want to travel more, and to do that I would like to bring my wife along, too. She is still stuck at her local office job, which she enjoys as far as jobs go but restricts her ability to move around for more than a week or two at a time. I”m going to have to work smarter and harder if I want to see this through.

Resources for Extreme Early Retirement

If you don”t mind putting the time casino online in for 5-15 years before pulling the trigger on your retirement but you want to get out of the workforce and doing what you want as soon as possible, I have two recommendations:

Early Retirement Extreme: Jacob is an extremely capable and bright person who had decided he wanted out of his current career and onto something more fulfilling on a personal level. It wasn”t easy, but if you have it in your head that you want to retire in your 30s, this is the guy to show you the way. He lays out what you”ll need to do and how you should go about doing it in short order.

Retire Early Lifestyle: From high-powered entrepreneurs and corporate drones to living on the sunny beaches of Mexico, Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are a monument to what is possible if you put your mind and financial resources to an important goal. They often write about their travels and experiences, and if you are curious about retiring early, this is a great starting point.

Resources for Working Happily

The Art of Nonconformity: As far as I can tell, Chris is a robotic cyborg programmed to show us that we”re not locked into a particular lifestyle. He is currently visiting every country in the world, writing a sequel to his book, running a successful business via his blog, and teaching us all how we can do the same. He works. A lot. But he enjoys it as far as I can tell, and provides a lot of inspiration for those looking to capture that spirit.

Nerdy Nomad: Kirsty from Nerdy Nomad is a free spirit, traveling the world while building up her online portfolio. I”ve never seen such a transparent blogger, as she is happy to provide a breakdown if income each month and talk about strategies inbetween her various global adventures.

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