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My Own New Year's Resolutions

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p>I’ve always found it odd that there’s almost a stigma surrounding New Year’s Resolutions. I guess because the success rate for them is so low, most individuals write them off as wishful thinking or delusions of grandeur. That may be the case for many, but I ahve always found it helpful to set a small number of attainable goals and stick with it. This allows you to have some serious focus on where you want to be while still making a meaningful change in your life. Here are my three.


  1. Site Portfolio Revenue: Bring Adsense revenue up to $15.00 per day on average
  2. Lose 30 Pounds/Increase number of daily pushups to 150.
  3. Hire an Accountant

As you can see, most of my goals are fairly modest. Our sites currently bring in about $10 a day on average, and increasing that number to $15.00 would increase our revenue by $1,825 per year. Groundbreaking? No. Significant improvement? Yes. When I was still working the 9-5, I had a daily routine when it came to working out because my firm had a gym on the premises. Now being at home and on my own, I’ve slipped little by little throughout the year. I’ve made significant improvements both in weight and strength in November and December, and to lost 30 pounds by 2012 I would have to lose a meer 2.5 lbs per month.

Finally, whilst I have been socking away about 30% of any income I bring in, my understanding of my tax situation is still flimsy. To rectify this, I’m going to need to find an accountant to help guide me through the process. So with that in mind if you know of any that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg, I’d be happy to hear about them!


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