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My Experiment in Alternative Housing: Housesitting

I recently subscribed to a year’s worth of issues from the Caretaker Gazette, after reading many positive reviews from some of my favorite bloggers. The cost for an annual subscription is modest (particularly so if you opt for electronic format only as I did) and I was pleasantly surprised after reading my first issue. While the idea of housesitting is nothing new, I didn’t know there were so many exotic places where it could be an opportunity, particularly overseas. The amount of work required in exchange for your residence varies wildly. Some are couples going on vacation for a few months needing someone to take care of their pets. Others are full time jobs where you’ll draw a salary in addition to being provided a residence.

As you might expect, accomodations can differ quite a bit too. From a room at a hostel in Costa Rica to a quaint cottage in the hills of Ireland to the steel trailer on the grounds of a farm, there’s something for everyone. It also strikes me as a bit hard to break into.  Most of the ads require references from previous experience, which can be tough if you’re just starting out, and doubly so if you don’t have handiman/other applicable skills to maintaining a property.

Still, I did manage to find an opportunity that’s actually just down the street at a historical building looking for someone to live there for security and maintaining the property. If the interview goes well, that would allow me to live rent free for at least 6 months in a 2 bed room apartment in a mansion, not the worst deal I’ve come across to be sure. I’ll keep you posted.

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