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Lump Sum or Periodic Payments

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p>When coming cross a windfall of money such as a legal judgment, lottery winning, or an individually owned annuity, you’re often given the money in small amounts, such a set annual payment. While this does help stretch the money by giving it to you a little at a time, if you need liquidity or access to that money for some reason, there are some options available to you, some consumers can and do sell annuities that they inherit or previously purchased.

One such firm, Settlement Capital, assists customers who possess the above in obtaining a lump sump settlement over periodic payments. Giving up future payments in exchange for the money now could make sense if you are in vital need of said money or you believe that inflation will prove far worse than the fees/expenses you’ll have to pay to obtain it. Some recent regulations and legislation have made the process to sell annuity payments easier:

“New federal and state laws now govern structured payment purchase transactions – public policy that SCC was instrumental in changing. These new laws provide protection to the consumer now that the courts must find that the transaction is in the best interest of the seller taking into account the welfare and support of the claimant’s dependants. With all this said, claimants now have the right to legally sell their structured settlement payments without any tax ramifications.”

As always, be sure to do your research, look into the costs of doing such a conversion and see if that is the best decision for you.

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