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Dividend Breakdown: March ’08


It’s that time of year again! A few of my holdings paid out dividends in the month of March, and it’s a favorite past time of mine to check them out. After all, nothing says thank you from a large corporation like sending you some of the company’s profits, right? It’s not a hard code per say, but I strongly prefer the holdings in my discretionary account pay dividends.

So, how much did we earn? Let’s see:

  • Apollo Investments (AINV): $7.71, reinvested into 0.4783 shares
  • Conoco Phillips (COP): $2.40, reinvested into 0.029 shares
  • ING Savings Account: $5.42 monthly payment
  • Sharebuilder Money Market: $0.52 monthly payment
  • Paypal Money Market: $3.65 monthly payment

Don’t you just love passive income?

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