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Hobbies and Entertainment on the Cheap

For those of us who like to save our money and not get too caught up with the hustle and bustle of spending and consumerism, there’s an often mentioned problem that accompanies frugality, and that’s boredom. After all, I’m told, how can you do anything fun without spending money? You can’t go have drinks with your friends or have a nice dinner out on the town without dropping cash here and there, right?  Even hobbies like skiing cost money due to traveling and lift tickets. What’s a guy to do? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Rent: If you like movies, but cringe at the thought of spending 10-20$ everyeimt you head to the theater, consider renting and spending the night at home with friends/loved ones. I hate that people like to cite services like Gamefly and Netflix as a waste of money because they fall into the dreaded monthly cost category. The bottom line is if you rent more than a few movies/video games per month, these services can save you a bundle, keep them in mind!
  • Budget: You don’t have to become a social recluse to be frugal, you just have to spend intelligently. If you go out to eat with friends, forgo the beer/coffee and just drink water. Often times I find that a few drinks will cost just as much as my food. If you like to have that glass of wine with dinner, that’s ok too! Just make sure it falls within your discretionary spending for the month. I allocate about 25$ a week for entertainment, while my oldest brother feels 45-50$ a week is more appropriate. Tailor your spending budget to your needs.
  • Be Creative: A friend of mine likes to have a game night once a month on the weekends. We all bring some food and our favorite games and go to town playing scene-it, Mario Party (on the Wii) and various card games like Killer Bunnies. There are tons of options available, just use your imagination!

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