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Posts from ‘December, 2007’

The Power of Patience

Often times when we set a long-term goal, the waiting is the hardest part. Never mind the fact that most things in our society today are pushed and marketed as “fix-it-now” solutions. You are going to get old one way or the other, but you can fix wrinkles with this cream right now! Why wait? […]

MyPoints Milestone: 2,000 Points!

While I hardly consider Mypoints (<–this is not an affiliate link)an alternate source of income, it has given me a free trip to the movies! Just by reading the daily mypoints e-mails at 5 points per mailing, I’ve amassed quite a number of points since I joined a few months ago. As a result, I […]

Unavoidable Financial Drains

  If you ever talk to anyone about their current financial situation, there are often a number of things that come up as first on the list in terms of headaches and expenses. These are often necessities, things we simply can”t afford not to pay for because they are essential to our survival. Unfortunately this […]

Money Project Monday: Building Sites for Fun and Profit

In my quest for building up alternate income streams I’ve read quite a bit about the idea of building up sites, garnering traffic to them, and then letting the search engine traffic/ad revenue do it’s thing while you take the check in each month. This isn’t meant to sound quick or easy, it isn’t. Instead […]

Save on Lunch Tips: Cook in Advance!

One of the biggest reasons that people buy lunch at the office is that they forget to/are too lazy to make up a lunch the night before. Personally I”ve melded it into my daily routine to pack up a lunch/snacks as soon as I get home every night and that way I always have my […]