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My Computer Exploded, Time for Cheap but Powerful

Well, it appears that my computer is finally on it”s last legs. It”s been a great run, since I”ve had it for a number of years (the case has been with me since freshman year of college) but after some random crashes and popping open the case yet again, I think it is finally time to put the old girl to rest.

It”s a new year after all, out with the old and in with the new eh?!

Here”s the thing, my computer is not just something I have for IM and surfing my space. I do a lot of freelance writing, graphical work, and site building on there, not to mention the occasional high-profile game. With this in mind I”m going to need a solid, relatively beefy computer with plenty of space, but well within my budget.

Where to go? It depends on your proficiency for all things technical. If you want to the absolute most bang for your buck, building your computer is the way to go. This way you can ensure that the parts are all from high-quality companies and you don”t have to take on the labor cost of building it. I know a lot of people shy away from this method, but having built mine myself a few years ago, I found it was surprisingly easy. I”ll be basing my machine around the guide over at . The budget box is a great way to build a high quality computer for those of us who don”t want to spend too much.

Obviously that”s not the path everyone”s willing to take, but there is another way you can get yourself a new computer without breaking your bank. If you notice, there are all sorts of holiday specials, especially at places like Best Buy and Micro Center. If you are looking for a new machine, take advantage of these sales! But the best time isn”t right before”s actually right after. Head over just a few days after Christmas, and you”ll find what you need at clearance prices as retailers unload the inventory that didn”t sell over the holiday season, and most people don”t take advantage because they are already tapped out.



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