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Save on Lunch Tips: Cook in Advance!

One of the biggest reasons that people buy lunch at the office is that they forget to/are too lazy to make up a lunch the night before. Personally I”ve melded it into my daily routine to pack up a lunch/snacks as soon as I get home every night and that way I always have my snacks/lunch ready to go on the counter every morning when I get up.

But are there other ways? Sure! While I prefer to make my lunch/snacks by hand to avoid too much processed food (I prefer fruit/yogurt for snacks, and a sandwhich and vegetable  An internet  casino game is just notexceptionallynumerous from a genuine life casino game; the only distinction is the fact that it is played via the internet. of some kid for lunch), my roommate has his own strategy. He picks up a Stouffer”s Vegetable Lasagne, family sized, and cooks it at the beginning of the week. The things are massive, and he cuts it into small one servings sized portions. Then he just eats a piece at a time over the course of the week. Now, if you are looking for variety and don”t want to eat the same thing everyday, you can switch it up or get a smaller sized portion, but the point stands. I never had a problem eating the same thing for a week at a time, but my girlfriend is much more picky.

Regardless of how you do it, packing your lunch is almost always one of the most basic personal finance tips you”ll hear when you want to cut down on your latte factor (A phrase so horribly overused, I almost didn”t refer to it). Those 10$ meals at the local diner (I love you Minella”s!) do add up if you eat there everyday, not to mention that most meals from restaurants tend to have more calories than a smaller, homecooked meal.


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