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Becoming a LIP

Personal Finance Bloggers like myself blog for an innumerable number of reasons. Some want to share their debt-eliminating experiences with readers, others want to show the world how they increase their net worth, or maybe they hope that their blogs will one day blossom into a full-time job. One unifying theme for most in the PF blogosphere though, is the pursuit of freedom in all forms. Whether this be time freedom, financial independence, or simply some wiggle room when the budget gets tight, we all yearn for it and work towards it as a goal. Being a LIP is an extension of this thinking.

While it may sound a bit awkward at first, LIP stands for Location Independent Professional. It’s something I’ve always wanted to be myself, and I read with envy the blogs of those who have already made the transition. A prime example of this is Nerdy Nomad, who will be traveling in 2008 through Asia, working the entire time and living off of her online income. Being able to work anywhere, at anytime, is something I would love to accomplish. This allows you quite a bit of freedom, not only in terms of location but also in terms of time. Sometimes I’ll be awake late on a Saturday night, and decide that I’d like to do something productive, burning the midnight oil for a bit and getting something accomplished in the process. I can’t do that with my current job because no matter what I have to be here from 10 – 630, Monday through Friday, come hell or high water. This isn’t to say that I don’t like my job, I really enjoy it! The thing is, I don’t like being locked into that schedule. I’m confident that I can manage my time effectively and do what needs to get done, but I just need the opportunity to do so.

Being a LIP isn’t for everyone. Some base the social interactions of the day heavily on their workplace. If that’s taken away, they get a bit of cabin fever working at home (or wherever) and not having that person to person interaction throughout any given day. Others like having the office as a place where they can focus on their work and not be distracted by the inevitable annoyances that working at home can bring (nagging errands, the cat stomping on your keyboard, etc.).

How to go about becoming a LIP? There’s no easy answer to this question. Depending on your industry, and the confidence level of your boss in your abilities, you can propose a telecommuting request that allows you to work from home. Not sure if it’s possible? You can check out a basic template here. Another option may be to leave your current job and find a new one more suited to your flexible lifestyle. This could be in your current field or running a business on your own. Need some ideas or starting points? Check out Location Independent and Genius Types.


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